Fractal Design Meshify S2 Tempered Glass USB-C Mid-Tower E-ATX Case


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The largest Meshify case to date combines all the strengths of its predecessors with Fractal Design’s most revolutionary modular design elements. Its iconic angular mesh offers more than just a distinctive lookit augment air intake and unleashes the true potential of the open-layout PC. Unrivaled performance demands to be seen in the Meshify S2.
Form Factor Mid Tower
Dimensions 538 x 233 x 465 mm (L x W x H)
Weight Net Weight 11.6 kg

Product description

Meshify S2 boasts immense cooling capacity with three Dynamic X2 fans, nine total fan positions, 420/360/280mm radiator mounts, built-in pump and reservoir support, and an innovative removable top bracket. Other new additions include USB Type-C, a versatile PSU shroud, Flex-VRC Vertical GPU Riser support, and bolt-free tempered glass.


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