Kingston ValueRAM DDR4 8GB (1x8GB) 2666MHz CL19 UDIMM Desktop PC RAM


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n some cases, memory modules of the same capacity must be installed in pairs to get the best performance from your system. Search for your system by name and model number with our memory finder, and we will provide detailed information on the best memory configuration to achieve the best performance for your system.


Brand: Kingston
Type: 288 Pin DDR4 SDRAM
Capacity: 8 GB
Voltage: 1.20 V

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Product description

With speed, quality, and reliability at a great value, the Kingston ValueRAM offers a great choice for your new build or system upgrade. Crafted with superior quality chips and tested under rigorous standards, the ValueRAM will live up to your expectation in every aspect, whether in day-to-day web surfing, video chats, checking SNS, or heavy-duty tasks like gaming and photo editing.

Kingston offers extremely reliable, high-performance desktop memory and sells more laptop upgrade memory than anyone in the world.

Add reliable Kingston memory and watch your productivity soar. Pages will load faster and launching new applications will be easier and faster.


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