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G703 is equipped with the same wireless technology pioneered by Logitech in the award-winning G900 Chaos Spectrum. With a 1 ms report rate and our end-to-end optimized wireless connectivity, G703 delivers incredible responsiveness for competition-level twitch targeting.


Brand Logitech
Resolution 200-1200 dpi
Max.speed >400IPS
Max.acceleration >40G
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Product description


8x faster than standard mice

With G703, the game gets better and so do you. G703 is built for gaming speed, accuracy, and endurance. With a 1ms report rate whether wired or wireless, G703 is up to 8x faster than standard mice which means when the mouse is moved or clicked, the response is near-instantaneous.


Infinite power. Unlimited play.

Logitech G has realized the next era of gaming. And, it’s wireless. We’ve proved the ability to deliver unbeatable gaming precision, speed, and lag-free wireless performance in the award-winning G900 and G403 Wireless gaming mice. Now, we’re removing charge time from the equation. Add POWERPLAY, the world’s first and only wireless gaming mouse charging system, to keep G703 and G903 charged while at play and at rest.


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