SteelSeries QcK Mass Gaming Soft Mousepad (63010)


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SteelSeries 63010 QcK Mass Mouse Pad is a Non-slip mouse pad that features an extremely heavy thickness which results in a unique feeling. Assists in leveling out any surface it is placed on, making it well-suited for use with a laptop. It has super-thick mouse pad made of a high-quality cloth material. Specially designed non-slip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding. Ideal for gamers that prefer cloth surfaces and also suitable for work or gaming.

1 in stock

Product description

SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Soft Mousepad (67500)

Product Description
Brand:                                                                           SteelSeries
Model:                                                                           63010
Dimensions:                                                                  112 x 126 x 2 mm
Base:                                                                             Soft
Type:                                                                             Cloth
Color:                                                                            Black
Manufacturer Part Number:                                          63010
Assembled Product Weight:                                         0.78 lb

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