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We are pleased to offer a very diverse range of solutions in the area of computer hardware and related solutions

Services we most commonly offer

It’s a simple fact: different computing needs require different computing solutions. We’ve long been of the view that many computer hardware providers fundamentally limit their customers computing options by forcing them to stick to specific computer configurations and models.

For those daily computer and software needs, we are pleased to provide our retail storefront, located at 39A Anderson Walk in Playford. We sell a range of computer hardware (including complete systems and peripherals), as well as computer software. Although we are well-stocked on the most popular items

We also offer a very complete range of technical support solutions. This includes everything from “one-of” system repairs/restorations (e.g. fixing faulty hardware, conducting hardware upgrades, diagnosing OS difficulties, virus/spyware removal), through to on-site technical support/maintenance contracts backed.

One of our specialties involves the design and manufacture of high-performance computer systems — perfectly suited for situations requiring robust computing power. Although not an exhaustive list, this generally includes intranet and file servers, database servers, server clusters,

Internet and networking services are two other areas in which we specialize. In the former category, we provide a complete range of web hosting and internet domain management services, in addition to ADSL broadband (i.e. high-speed internet connectivity), primarily focusing on the business market segment.

Oftentimes, our clients require comprehensive security solutions, be it to monitor workplaces, protect valuable items/assets, or for other reasons entirely. Although not often a “traditional” role of an IT service provider, we are proud to construct and install comprehensive remote video surveillance solutions.

On-Site Servicing Information

Arrange an appointment

Unfortunately Auswide Computers doesn’t currently offer onsite services unless exceptional circumstances apply.


Payment is required on job completion either with Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card, or Electronic Funds Transfer.

We can email you an invoice/receipt On-Site.


  • No call out fees within 15KM Radius of our workshop, if you are outside of this radius our call out fee is $30 per hour of driving (39A Anderson Walk, Smithfield, 5115)
  • $100 per hour,capped at a maximum of 2 hours – Minimum charge of $100 for any work up untill 1 hour. Our promise to you is that if we can’t fix your problem within 2 hours we will then take it back to our workshop and finish the job with no extra labour charges – some problems can be quite complex and require extra equipment/software only available in our workshop (part and software costs may be required, you will be informed first on any requirements)
  • $50 surcharge applies If you need a technician out on the same day.

In-Store Servicing Information

Free Quotes*

We offer a free quote system where we will inspect/diagnose your device free of charge and inform you of the costs to repair the problem. No repairs will be performed until you have been contacted and agree on the price. We also strive to be transparent with our customers and will inform you if we believe it isn’t worth repairing (possibly due to age/obsolete parts/cost). Our free quote system works on a queue, we do not offer appointments at this time. *We do not offer free quotes to products under warranty elsewhere as it could possibly void your warranty, or for insurance reports.

Quote Timeframe

Depending on workload most free quotes will begin being inspected/diagnosed within 2-4 business days, it could then take up to several hours or days to finish the job depending on part replacement requirements. You will be informed how long it should take before you agree to go ahead with the repairs.

Insurance Quotes

We charge a $85 fee for inspecting and writing up a formal letter and quote for damaged devices you wish to claim on insurance. ($50 per extra device, if multiple products are damaged) 

Paid Quotes

In circumstances where you urgently need your device worked on, a $50 quoting fee will be charged upfront. This fee ensures that we will start the job on the same day, it does not mean we can guarantee the repairs to be completed by the same day (it all depends on what is at fault, and what parts will be needed etc). If we find that your device is unrepairable the $50 fee is non-refundable as it covers our costs on focusing purely on your urgent job.

Labour Charges

Our labour charges reflect the time needed and the difficulty of the job, we do not charge per hour, we charge flat rate fees that are agreed upon by the customer before doing any repairs.
$100 labour— Minimum labour charge.
$150 labour—Standard labour charge.
$199 labour—Maximum labour charge. (Generally used in speciality repairs, or large jobs)