We offer a complete range of technical support solutions. This includes “one-of” system repairs/restorations (e.g. fixing faulty hardware, conducting hardware upgrades, diagnosing OS faults, virus/spyware removal).
What computer problems can we deal with?
  • Power Failures
  • OS faults
  • Virus attacks and corrupted hard drives
  • Lost data/Backups
  • Internet or email trouble
  • Accidental damage, broken cables or keyboards
  • Malware, Viruses, Trojans

And if your system is agonisingly slow, we can fix that too. We will troubleshoot, identify and then fix your problem.

Lost Data

We have had many phone calls from terrified clients saying all their data has disappeared. This can happen, without warning, where you appear to have lost everything. You may or may not have done a backup. Don’t worry, we will find your data for you. Usually, it gets deleted in error and is actually lurking in the background. You may not know where to find it but we do. Our technicians know how to look, scan, find and recover. Even if you haven’t done a backup but this is a good reminder to do a back up too. If your data has disappeared, don’t panic. Call us.

Computer Backup

It’s the most commonly asked question when somebody’s computer dies. “Have you backed up?” and the most common answer is no. You are not alone if you have not backed up. We can help you with a daily back up which is really quick and easy (you don’t have to do anything, it will run automatically) and if you have not backed up, we have trained technicians who are equipped with the tools to assist you.

Computer Viruses

Your computer may be slow, unresponsive or responding oddly because you have an undetected virus. Our technicians are trained to identify malicious software and utilise tools to ensure your computer is healthy and operating correctly. We will also a suitable virus protection program.

If you suspect you have a computer virus, call us immediately. Action needs to be taken quickly and we can help you.

Accidental damage and insurance

At Auswide computers we want to assist you with your insurance claim by providing a seamless efficient assessment of your damaged device. Our technicians are experienced in assessing damaged devices and providing a detailed report and assessment direct to your insurance provider.

What sort of damage can I claim?

The most common issues we assess are

  • Water damage
  • Broken Screens
  • Power surge
  • Malicious damage
  • Accidental damage

We will work with your insurance company to assist with a speedy resolution.

Insurance quotes and assessment reports are made easy by following these simple steps

  • Bring your device to 39a Anderson Walk Smithfield plains
  • Book in your device with our friendly team. ($85 assessment fee is payable upfront and is usually refundable through your insurance company)
  • Sit back and relax. We will contact your insurance company for you and provide them with any technical information they may need to assess your claim.
What happens next?

We will forward your assessment report and quote directly to your insurance company. If requested we will send you a copy of the report for your reference.

New parts, new hardware, new computers

We stock spare parts and accessories for all kinds of computers and if we can fix yours, we will. If the fix to your machine is not financially viable, We can assist in building a Computer to your needs. We also have a range of laptops available to get your back in business as quickly as possible. We will also assist in transferring your data from your old machine to your new one.

At Auswide computers our technicians are passionate and strive to deliver the highest quality personalised soloution for all your computing needs. We want to work with you to ensure that what you need is what you get. We cater and . We will talk to you, listen to you and then advise you accordingly. We will find the best system for you.

What should you do next?

Remember, our technicians are all skilled, experienced, professional and friendly. They will give you the best possible advice and will ensure that your system works in the best possible way.

Whatever computer needs you are looking for, Auswide Computers can assist.


Call us now. We are affordable and reliable and we want to work with you.

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