We offer a very complete range of technical support solutions. This includes everything from “one-of” system repairs/restorations (e.g. fixing faulty hardware, conducting hardware upgrades, diagnosing OS difficulties, virus/spyware removal), through to on-site technical support/maintenance contracts backed by 24/7/365 phone support. Our staff is very well-versed in administering a wide range of technologies, including Microsoft Windows servers.

What computer problems can we deal with?

  • A computer that just does not work.
  • Frozen screen or frozen mouse.
  • Blue or black screen.
  • Virus attacks and corrupted hard drives.
  • Lost data.
  • Stolen data.
  • Backups or lack of backups.
  • Internet or email trouble.
  • Accidental damage, broken cables or keyboards.
  • Hackers.
  • Unrelenting advertising.

And if your system is agonizingly slow, we can fix that too. Basically, we can do all your troubleshooting for you, identify and then fix your problem.

Lost Data

We have had many phone calls from terrified clients saying all their data has disappeared. This can happen, without warning, where you appear to have lost everything. You may or may not have done a backup. Don’t worry, we will find your data for you. Usually, it gets deleted in error and is actually lurking in the background. You may not know where to find it but we do. Our technicians know how to look, scan, find and recover. Even if you haven’t done a backup but this is a good reminder to do a back up too. If your data has disappeared, don’t panic. Call us.

Computer back up

It’s the most commonly asked question when somebody’s computer dies. “Have you backed up?” and the most common answer is no. You are not alone if you have not backed up. We can help you with a daily back up which is really quick and easy (you don’t have to do anything, it will run automatically) and if you have not backed up, we can do our best to recover your data anyway. Backups are the equivalent of life though so start backing up immediately. And if you don’t know how, we will help you and install a backup system for you.

Computer viruses

Your computer may be slow, unresponsive or responding oddly because you have an undetected virus. Our technicians will scan and find any virus quickly. They will remove the virus or you and put in a virus blocker, also called Spyware. There are viruses that you may have heard about – Trojan, Malware, Adware – that are designed to disrupt and damage your system. There are plenty of viruses that you also will not have heard about but we have. Our technicians can identify the viruses and remove them, and make sure you don’t get them again.

If you suspect you have a computer virus, call us immediately. Action needs to be taken quickly and we can help you.

Accidental damage and insurance

Your dog may have chewed your computer cable, you may well have spilled coffee over your keyboard, there may have been a power surge or perhaps you dropped your laptop on your way to bed. Accidents happen and most people will be covered by household insurance. We can assess your computer, highlight the damage, and help you with the computer repair insurance forms. Don’t ever just give up on a computer. You can claim from insurance, and remember, we can fix, repair, replace parts or if necessary, build you a new computer.

New parts, new hardware, new computers

We will never rush you into buying a new PC or laptop. If yours is old and we don’t see a way to fix it or improve it, we might suggest a new machine. We can give you all the options. We do stock spare parts and accessories for all kinds of computers and if we can fix yours, we will. If we think it’s better that you have a new one, we have many options to fit in with your budget and your requirements.

We also build computers of the highest quality. We can chat with you about your needs and then build a top quality machine for you. You may use your computer for only gaming, writing, work, entertainment or for absolutely everything. We will talk to you, listen to you and then advise you accordingly. We will find the best system for you.

How does Auswide Computer service work?

We will not only solve your problems, quickly and efficiently, but we will help you prevent them from happening again.  You don’t need to understand the difference between software or hardware, that is our job.  We will look at why your computer has stopped working and we will fix it.  We will explain to you what is or has gone wrong and what we are doing to change it.  We will make sure it doesn’t happen again.  It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have, a Mac or a PC, and what kind of systems you use.  We understand and work with all kinds of hardware and software and we understand how to fix them.  We will deal with your computer issues so that you don’t have to.

Are you experiencing computer problems?

There is nothing more awful than having computer problems.  We all know the frustration of sitting in front of a computer or a laptop that is slow.  Worse still, where the screen suddenly goes black  or the mouse gets stuck. And we’ve all experienced the worst possible scenario – when your computer just stops working. And somehow it’s always at the worst imaginable moment!

Our computers are our life.

Let’s think about that awful sense of dread we get when we realize something is wrong with our computer.  We have that sense of dread because our entire life is on the computer.  Our work, banking, photographs, videos, studies, all our emails, contacts, books, music,and movies are all on there.

None of us can afford to lose all of that and so when we spill coffee on our keyboard, when the dog eats the cable, if the computer has a virus, if our data disappears for no reason whatsoever or if the computer goes blank, we panic.   Of course, we panic!

And we want and need help immediately.

Now you can get computer help all the time

Computers seem to seize over the weekend or during the holidays.  They seem to stop working when you have the most important document to get out or just before a deadline is due. The screen blacks out when you’re about to win the game you’re playing or when you’re midway through paying your bills.  Computers pick up viruses, they go slowly or they just pack up and die, and always at the most inopportune time.

None of us can afford to be without our computer, even for a few hours.  We rely on our computers for absolutely everything!

Think how often your computer has given you problems and you’ve then run around like crazy trying to find someone to help you.  You can spend hours on the phone trying to find the right person or technician who is available. You get put through from one person to another, trying to explain the problem.  You end up spending hours on the phone or online, pulling out your hair and still, you have a computer that does not work.  It can be extremely annoying disheartening.

Auswide Computers are the solution for you.  They will help you, quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Keep the Auswide Computers phone number handy a tall times.

In the same way, you have a favourite electrician, favourite plumber or favourite doctor, you should have a favourite computer specialist too.  This would be Auswide Computers.  Keep our number on your phone or on the fridge and call us as soon as you experience a computer issue.  We pride ourselves on responding immediately and professionally and will diagnose your computer problem, talk to you about it and fix it for you.  Our technicians are brilliant. They know what they’re doing, have loads of experience, are highly skilled, professional and reliable, and most importantly, they will fix your problem.  Auswide Computers are always available and you won’t have to wait.

Auswide will help you and will help you quickly.

What should you do next?

Call us if you need help. We will send out a technician or we will fetch your computer. We will find the problem and we will find it quickly. We will assess your computer, fix and repair it, solve the issue and advise you accordingly. We work with you and have your best interests at heart.

Remember, our technicians are all skilled, experienced, professional and friendly. They will give you the best possible advice and will ensure that your system works in the best possible way.

Is your computer slow? Is your PC driving you mad? Are you getting odd messages? Or are you losing data or have lost data? Do you just want to clean up your computer, get rid of all viruses and corrupt data and start afresh? Do you want to put in a backup system?

Whatever computer needs you are looking for, Auswide Computers can assist.

Call us now. We are affordable and reliable and we want to work with you.

Auswide Computers 08 8254 3522.